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"I chose to enroll my children in the Diploma Program because I wanted to give them a classical Christian education of highest quality and at the same time, ensure that they would be fully prepared for college."
     Lees P. - VPSA Parent

"The self-paced history classes are VERY IMPRESSIVE! (I wish I had discovered them earlier!). My 10 year old likes them so much I use them as "dessert", requiring him to finish all his other work before he can do the Veritas History Self-Paced lesson. I love teaching history to him myself, but this course does it even better than I can."
     Sarah S. - VPSA Parent

"Prior to homeschooling our seven children 3 years ago, they had been in private Christian school. I registered in July for the school year and it was a huge help to have a Diploma Program consultant to help me plan out all they would need for a few years. 2013 is the first year I have had a high school student and to have accountability, record keeping and a person to help me plan is invaluable!"
     Tina A. - VPSA Parent